Pay Day Wishlist

Pay day is just about in sight so obviously I’ve started mentally spending my money before it’s even reached my account! Check out what I’ll be purchasing as soon as that beautiful day comes:

Jo Malone – Pomegranate Noir cologne

I’ve lusted after Jo Malone products for long enough now, it’s about time to take the plunge and get in on it. I’ve always been tempted by the Pomegranate Noir cologne but just couldn’t justify the price. However whilst in a meeting recently I couldn’t help but ask the lady I was chatting with what perfume she was wearing, she smelt amaaazing – and what do ya know it was god damn Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir! She was so surprised that I could smell the fragrance as she had applied it hours and hours before, and perfume that lasts all day is the BEST! I’ve gotta do it.

20140217-091655 pm.jpg

Filofax Finsbury Organiser, Raspberry

I’ve been on the lookout for a high quality organiser that’s actually pretty (and not a gazillion pounds). I don’t want a plain black or brown standard notepad, they’re just so …meh. I love the Mulberry and Kate Spade organisers but considering the health of my bank balance I guess I should settle for something a little less extravagant. I like the look of the Filofax Finsbury Organiser in Raspberry but am looking for something a little more bold – any ideas?

20140217-092907 pm.jpg

Russel and Bromley Gold Dryxl Buckel Stretch Hi Boot

Great quality, comfortable boots that will never go out of fashion, I’ve already started planning what I would wear with these. They’ve been on my radar for some time, and if I’m gonna buy them it’s gotta be soon as to get the most wear out of them before summer arrives and the sandals come out (hopefully). It’s happening.

20140217-091854 pm.jpg

Roberts Revival Radio

They are just so cool! Such a statement piece in any room and something I genuinely think I would get a lot of use out of. Duck egg blue is my favourite but the red is just such a classic?! Decisions, decisions.

20140217-091933 pm.jpg