Something to smile about #3


It’s been so long since I’ve sat down and written an update on my lingual braces – DAMN IT!

I’ve now had them for 5 months and I’ve noticed the difference massively, although to other people it’s only subtle. I feel like I have analysed every millimetre of my mouth every day to see the progress. It’s now reached the point where I’m so used to them that I don’t even think about them anymore.

I do struggle to each hard foods (apples and carrots are the worst!) and there is some pretty intense pain for a few days after having my wore tightened. But all in all nothing too dramatic.

I’m now just getting so excited to see the final result and finally get my chip fixed. I asked to have this done while still undergoing treatment, but I’ll be getting them whitened upon taking them off so I need to make sure the colour matches so you can’t tell. I’m also considering making some of my smaller teeth larger to compete with my monster front teeth haha.

I go back once every 6 weeks to have them tightened, my next appointment will be in September!