Using Social Media to Maximise Sales: Beauty Companies

Everyone knows the importance of social media in today’s market as a tool for connecting to prospective customers. While the traditional approach simply aims for Facebook ‘likes’ , YouTube ‘subscribers’ and Twitter ‘followers’, achieving high numbers of followers, while impressive, is useless if that audience is not engaged.

The key to a long-term, successful relationship is the consistent delivery of value above and beyond the expectations of the customer. This can be achieved by thrilling the consumer with exclusive content.

Thrill Your Customer:

Exclusive initiatives for your online community:

  • Create the atmosphere of a “members’ club” within your online fanbase/following, where subscribers have the opportunity to preview and hear about products before they are launched in-store
  • Provide web chat workshops with industry professionals, respected bloggers offering tips and tricks for creating great looks with cosmetics, exclusive to your online community
  • Online Q&As with brand experts in skin, hair, colour etc
  • Online Q&As with celebrity advocates on how they achieve their looks, their skincare regimes etc
  • Bring the store to the consumer and create new opportunities for purchase

Additionally, give consumers a reason to go offline, where they can touch and experience the product (while online shopping is booming, 35% of women prefer to go to the shops where they can see and try out products)

Initiatives to drive/retain customers in-store:

  • Offer customers something in-store they cannot get virtually e.g. a massage/makeover with purchase
  • Invite customers to come back for a one-to-one to re-evaluate the efficacy of their skincare regime products
  • Send consumers samples along with a reason to go into stores e.g. to buy limited edition or exclusive products which are not available online

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