Social Media & Beauty Brands: Bare Escentuals


Bare Escentuals has a really impressive approach to social media, which I definitely use as inspiration. They have managed to create an inclusive circle of social followers who feel as though they have an influential relationship with the brand and are actually listened to.

They ran a Twitter campaign over Christmas called #EscentualWish. The theme of this campaign was to thank their customers for a successful year. They asked their followers for tweets sharing their most loved products (with a product link) and In return, seven of the recipients were ‘granted their wish’ and given their loved item. The part that was possibly most interesting was the section “To give you a little inspiration; we’ve asked some of our beauty and fragrance blogger friends to make their own Escentual wishes” which were published on their website.

The result gave the opportunity to thank their customers (improving relationship, trust & loyalty) as well as learning what their favourite products were at the same time and by using leading, influential bloggers really drove sales to desirable products, recommendation speaks louder than a brand sometimes! Bare Escentuals reported on this campaign, sharing results of a 137% increase in sales per session, 106% increase in order conversion and 15% increase in average order value when interacting with user-generated content – this highlights the amazing effect of utilising bloggers in your content.



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